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Swimming in UK schools - 14/11/2015

The National Curriculum states that “all schools must provide swimming instruction either in key stage 1 or key stage 2. In particular, pupils should be taught to:

  • Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.
  • Use a range of strokes (for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.)
  • Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

These aims are recommended and backed by the Amateur Swimming Association.

This combined with the growing number of children in the UK who depend on wearing glasses for day to day activities makes prescription goggles more and more of a necessity for many children in the UK.

Here at Goggleyed we have provided more than 20,000 pairs of goggles to customers both inside and outside of the UK, many of whom were children. Although our goggle lenses are available in the one size we can fit, provide and supply different size nose bridges depending on the child’s age. This along with the fact that our goggles are easily adjustable using the strap has made our product suitable for children as young as 4 years of age.

They are not only used for children to partake in compulsory swimming lessons though. We have had wonderful feedback from parents of children who use them whilst competing! Here is just some of the fantastic feedback we have received from parents in the last few months -

Apologies, I should have contacted you sooner. Thank you so much for the speedy turn around of our order. The goggles have fitted our 10 year old perfectly and have already competed in 2 galas and many miles of training sessions. Thank you for the great service, we will be ordering from you again. Lisa - 11/02/2016

This is my second order for goggles for my Granddaughter, I didn't mention on my first order that she is 10 years old and rubbish at looking after things. She lost one pair and nearly lost the other so this won't be the last pair I order for her. On a plus note the goggles are fantastic and she is really happy with them and very confident in the water with them especially diving in. She did really well at the Yorkshire Championships recently and there is a big buzz around her Leeds Swimming Club as one of the girls (Georgia Coates) has just been picked for the GB Team for the Rio Olympics, she is the youngest GB team member at 17 year old. N.B. the strong prescription ones are for me. Alexander - 19/05/2016

First of all, I‘d like to say that purchasing goggles from you for my daughter has literally opened her eyes. She couldn‘t believe it the first time she used them - “Mummy, I can see everything”. It has helped immensely with her swimming lessons. Before she had the prescription goggles she used to muck around a lot in her swimming classes. In retrospect I realise that this was probably due to the noise in the swimming pool - the fact that she couldn‘t see the swimming teacher properly, nor hear her due to the noise interference, meant that she hardly ever caught what the class were being asked to do. Now she is fully engaged. I have already "advertised" you on Facebook as I was so impressed and I would be happy for you to use any of these words as a testimonial. Liz - 26/07/2016

Just wanted to say thanks for the goggles for my daughter. Ordered Monday evening, arrived Wednesday in time for her swimming lesson on Thursday. Perfect. Many thanks. Jeremy - 07/10/2016

The above messages are just four of many we have received from satisfied parents. We appreciate that many mums and dads will be concerned about receiving goggles for their kids that aren’t dispensed directly by an optician/optometrist. At Goggleyed we ensure that children receive goggles with lens powers that are suitable for their eyes by asking for prescription details when the order is placed. We also welcome a photo of the prescription to be sent as an attachment to an email as extra reassurance for parents.

In our previous blog we highlighted the dangers associated with ordering from other sellers who do not require prescription details but here at Goggleyed nothing is more important than the eye care of our customers.

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