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Swimming With Prescription Swimming Goggles - 06/11/2015


Fitness and wellbeing are hot topics with lots of media attention on how we should all be leading healthy and active lifestyles. However hectic work schedules and family commitments mean that it is not always easy to sustain a good balance but swimming is a healthy activity for all age groups that can be slotted in to most schedules. It can be a fun time for all the family to enjoy, it can be a tranquil time to unwind and relax, or for the more exercise conscious it can provide a comprehensive workout.


Unlike many other sports you don‘t have to spend a fortune on equipment in order enjoy swimming either at your local pool or in the sea. All you need is the appropriate attire (costume/trunks) and a towel for afterwards. Some people will want to use accessories such as swimming caps, nose clips and swimming aids but an almost essential item is a pair of swimming goggles.

Why are Swimming Goggles so Important?

Swimming goggles are a familiar sight at pools and at the beach and they provide a practical solution to problems associated with vision whilst swimming. Human beings are not naturally aquatic creatures so when we open our eyes when submerged in water our vision is blurred. Also irritation to the eyes from chemicals used to treat water in the pool as well as the threat of infection can be alleviated if not eliminated by wearing swimming goggles.

Choice of Goggles

A quick search on the internet and you will be faced with many products to choose from. Varying in size, colour and style they are readily available at an affordable cost and which product to buy is ultimately down to personal choice. But what happens if you wear glasses on a daily basis to correct your vision?


According to figures released by the College of Optometrists, approximately 70% of the UK population wear glasses to correct vision. The Goggleyed team are swimmers in that category and whilst we used to enjoy swimming using ordinary goggles we did not enjoy seeing the blurred faces of fellow swimmers, the inability to read safety signs and notifications and the annoyance of not being able to properly view the wall clock to see if the session had ended! The solution....... Prescription swimming goggles.

Simply go to www.goggleyed.co.uk to find out more about them and how you can easily purchase a pair that will be tailored to suit your prescription.

Goggleyed offer swimming goggles with lenses of differing powers to suit each eye if required and they are available for correcting both long and short sighted vision. The goggles are comfortable and stylish and the lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating as well as providing UV protection. Ear plugs and a mesh drawstring bag are also included in the package.

Before placing your order you will need to refer to your prescription or, if it is not to hand, obtain the details from your optician. This information is entered at the point you place your order online. Simply complete the order form (which requires only a few details), and send your order! If you know the lens powers you require without needing to refer to your prescription then that‘s fine – just email us. For your peace of mind we welcome receiving a scanned image or a photo of your prescription, attached to an email, as some of them can be hard to decipher!

It all becomes clear...

All the information you will need before deciding to place an order is available on our website and please take time to read the reviews and feedback we have received. By wearing a pair of prescription goggles you will be able to see clearly whilst swimming as well as protect your eyes from chemical irritation and infection.

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