Reviews Of Our Prescription Goggles For Swimming

Thank you for my goggles which arrived today. Excellent service and prompt delivery. Will recommend you to all. Maurice - 23/12/2017

Using my new goggles on holiday with grandchildren here in Singapore and the googles are fantastic. Just great to be able to see in the water at such a great price. Martin - 15/10/2017

I tried out my goggles today and they are fantastic! I could see people and signs and the vision was so clear. They were comfortable and didn‘t leak or steam up once. Happy customer, highly recommended, many thanks! Eleri - 14/10/2017

Very easy to order and speedy delivery too. The goggles are fantastic, it makes such a difference to my swimming! Just wish I'd bought them a long time ago. Mark - 06/10/2017

Just to say the swim goggles are fantastic. So pleased really good fit and quality .. and the vision is spot on. Kate - 26/09/2017

I tried my new goggles this morning for the first time and they're brilliant! I can't thank you enough. They've made a huge difference. Sarah - 18/09/2017

So pleased with my goggles - I have never enjoyed swimming as much as I did this year (abroad as it's been a rubbish summer in Scotland!!). Telling all my spectacle-wearing friends about you! Angela - 27/08/2017

Thank you for great service, goggles arrived the next day, had first swim in the pool today with goggles, no leaking, no fogging, great vision. Ron - 23/08/2017

I am very pleased with your product and service. I'll happily recommend you to others and buy from you again! J H - 22/08/2017

Thank you so much, I wore one of the pairs of goggles today for the first time and cannot believe that I can see for the first time while swimming!! Marvellous! I have recommended them to my swimming coach, Mo Jan - 19/08/2017

Excellent after sales service, with queries being dealt with promptly and in a personal manner. Am very pleased with the goggles, no leaking and and they are comfortable to wear. Highly recommended. Lesley M - 18/08/2017

I ordered some goggles from you recently and I just wanted to say thank you so much! I've been swimming 'blind' for years and I can't believe I waited so long to get some prescription goggles! It was brilliant to be able to see everything for once and it has made such a difference. Thank you! Sophia - 01/08/2017

Goggles received. Great product and service, Many thanks Angela White - 24/07/2017

I just wanted to thank you for the goggles, me and my son are over the moon with them! Such good quality for the price. Aimee - 10/07/2017

We did our summer med holiday and rather than swimming with a the snorkel and mask as he normally does... he lived in these for a week. S Milsom - 08/07/2017

Thankyou - that's amazing customer service!!!Hopefully my son will have a great holiday now he'll be able to see in the pool.I've searched high & low for somebody to be able to provide goggles which cater for the difference in prescription between his eyes. Most companies only offer goggles with the same prescription so I'm very happy to have found you! Julie - 26/07/2017

The goggles arrived safely yesterday, thank you, and I am now a happy swimmer once more. Anna - 26/07/2017

I have only just found time to try out my new prescription swim goggles. It's amazing the difference they make. I can now see very well above water and under water using these goggles. Thank you very much Ian - 06/07/2017

Thank you for my brilliant googles. Arrived super quick and I can get back to swimming and actually see! Given me so much confidence to get back in the water. Brilliant price for a great product. Thank you so much Kelly Scott - 25/06/2017

I just want to drop a quick mail to say thank you. My daughter received her goggles and is thrilled with them. It makes her swimming so much more enjoyable. Craig - 08/06/2017

Thank you for the goggles they arrived Friday and my daughter thinks they are great and she can see perfectly well in them for swimming. Many thanks again for all your help. Vicki - 05/06/2017

These arrived just in time for my regular swim and they worked just fine. I'd been looking for some goggles as good as my previous pair for some time. Mike - 27/05/2017

The goggles you supplied previously were that prescription and are more than satisfactory. Swimming has been so much more enjoyable since I have had them. I am currently using my second pair. Paul - 19/05/2017

I received my swimming goggles yesterday and can't believe how good they are I'm so happy with the quality of product as well you really do out shine all your competitors as I tried to order from a few only to be told no we can't do your prescription so I'd just like to say a massive thank you to you all in firstly making my goggles and secondly getting them to me in time for my holiday and making my dream come true to be able to see under the water I will recommend you to family and friends as I think you provide not just a service but a top class product as well thank you once again Mr A Fry - 05/05/2017

Just got in from swimming.... what can I say?? I can't believe how great these goggles are!!! For the first time in 20+ years, I was able to do the front crawl properly.... I could actually see where I was going!!! No more swimming next to the side, only being able to do breast crawl with my glasses on. Thank you for giving me some confidence back. Extremely satisfied and recommend this product to anyone. Such a good price too!! Teresa - 16/03/2017

I just want to say a big thank you for my recent order. This is my third (I lost both previous pairs!) And once again your customer service, value, quality and efficiency is second to none. Well done and thanks again. I tell everyone I meet at the gym about your service. John - 21/02/2017

I received my goggles and tested them out this evening. It's the first time I've been swimming for years because I just couldn't see before. I'd always been told prescription goggles were expensive and not very good. I'm really impressed with the quality, fit and service. The cost is also very reasonable. I feel liberated! Thank you so much. I'll be recommending you to other spectacle wearers. Claire - 10/02/2017

Many thanks. Love my goggles they have made such a difference. Clare - 28/01/2017

My optician tried to get me to order through them on Saturday but We wanted to support goggle eyed which is such a great name by the way ! and you sell them at a really good price. Sarah - 24/01/2017

Thank you very much, indeed, I have told a few people about your excellent service and fast turn around times. Denise - 23/01/2017

I just wanted to send you a note to say how fantastic my new goggles are!! I got them yesterday and had my first fog free swim this morning where I could actually see where I was going - a complete revelation! A really great product and fast service - thank you! A. Daly - 25/11/2016

I just wanted to drop you an email to say how pleased I am with the swimming goggles I bought from you- they're excellent quality. Having had really bad anxiety in the past about not being able to see anything when swimming (and indeed getting into the pool!) these have had an utterly life changing effect on me and my lifestyle and I can't thank you enough. Christina - 15/11/2016

Just wanted to say that the goggles are fantastic. Received them Monday after ordering them late Friday. The service was brilliant and I appreciated the extra lense because of my range. I have used them today and could not recommend them high enough. Having the goggles has given me the confidence in the pool that I had lost.Thank you. Maureen - 15/11/2016

I thought you might like to know that I received my goggles on Saturday morning and used them for the first time this morning. I am a 61 year old man trying to get and stay fit. These goggles are fantastic and great value. Wow! Well done you guys and thanks. Stuart - 14/11/2016

Great swim goggles. I hesitated 30 mins before placing order and it was 30 mns wasted, prescription is great, goggles comfy, well pleased. Alan - 14/11/2016

Thank you for the swimming goggles. My daughter is delighted with them. The quality is great and I have already recommended your site to my friend. Rifit - 08/11/2016

Loving my goggles, it's a whole new experience, they work brilliantly, don't fog don't leak, very comfortable and I will be ordering another pair soon. Thanks for the excellent quick service. Lucy Spearman - 08/10/2016

Just wanted to say thanks for the goggles for my daughter. Ordered Monday evening, arrived Wednesday in time for her swimming lesson on Thursday. Perfect. Many thanks, Jeremy Burgess - 07/10/2016

I've received them, they're brilliant, thank you. And thanks for assembling and despatching them so quickly. Kristy Berry - 27/09/2016

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude for the exemplary service you provided. I have always had issues with having clear vision when swimming and your goggles did the trick. The goggles were packaged up well and the delivery time was amazing. I received them one day after my online order! I look forward to using my Goggleye's on holiday in Zante in the very clear waters of the Ionian sea's. Peter Dormor - 03/09/2016

Have used you before for my daughter and your goggles are amazing! If only she didn‘t loose them!! Victoria - 31/08/2016

Many thanks for your email an exceptional service once again. I'm so glad I've found your company (as is my daughter!) Melissa - 08/08/2016

Received my goggles today, they are great, thanks Gail Rusling - 06/08/2016

First of all, I‘d like to say that purchasing goggles from you for my daughter has literally opened her eyes. She couldn‘t believe it the first time she used them - “Mummy, I can see everything”. It has helped immensely with her swimming lessons. Before she had the prescription goggles she used to muck around a lot in her swimming classes. In retrospect I realise that this was probably due to the noise in the swimming pool - the fact that she couldn‘t see the swimming teacher properly, nor hear her due to the noise interference, meant that she hardly ever caught what the class were being asked to do. Now she is fully engaged. I have already "advertised" you on facebook as I was so impressed and I would be happy for you to use any of these words as a testimonial. Liz Kaye - 26/07/2016

After searching the internet and finding Goggleyed I was a bit dubious at first because of the low price but thought why not! I took them with me on a recent trip to Italy and wore them in the sea and was very impressed with the clarity from the lenses and also the quality of the goggles. I was also happy they are a company in the UK! Phil - 22/07/2016

Just a brief note to say how brilliant the prescrption goggles are. As a not very confident, or competant, swimmer being able to see where I am and what/who is around me has helped enormously, to such an extent that I feel 100% more confident in the water. Thanks very much for the exceptional speedy delivery and excellent product. Dave - 05/07/2016

Thank you for the speedy delivery of your excellent goggles. From the friendly, informative emails to receiving the goggles only 2 days after ordering (and that on a Sunday!) I couldn't have asked for better. I will certainly be telling anyone who needs prescription goggles all about you. Many thanks! Rebecca Turner - 05/07/2016

Hi there, I have had 3 pairs of your brilliant product over the last 3 years I lost the other 2 (always have a spare!)..... I love your product and continue to recommend to short sighted friends ( and people I meet at the pool who wear glasses!). Thanks so much Julie Charman - 18/06/2016

Goggleyed goggles have changed my swimming dramatically allowing me to read my watch and the swim sessions on the board, where previously I‘d had to rely on friends. The only downside is that I can see how grubby our local pool is! They‘ve also helped my triathlon as keeping my goggles on in transition means I can find my bike quickly. I‘ve recommended them to others at swimming and was really pleased when one said how they'd helped his daughter too. Martin - 13/06/2016

This is my second order for goggles for my Granddaughter, I didn't mention on my first order that she is 10 years old and rubbish at looking after things. She lost one pair and nearly lost the other so this won't be the last pair I order for her. On a plus note the goggles are fantastic and she is really happy with them and very confident in the water with them especially diving in. She did really well at the Yorkshire Championships recently and there is a big buzz around her Leeds Swimming Club as one of the girls (Georgia Coates) has just been picked for the GB Team for the Rio Olympics, she is the youngest GB team member at 17 year old. N.B. the strong prescription ones are for me. Alexander Sutherland - 19/05/2016

The vote was 10 out 10 in terms of performance and comfort! No leaks and could see everything!! Coach also noted that the quality looked good! Thanks for your help. Ken Merson - 19/05/2016

Please can you send me an identical pair of goggles to the prescription I had last time? They are excellent and I thought I'd order a spare pair! Pam Lane - 16/05/2016

Thank you very much for my goggles, they arrived the day after I ordered them. I tried them out this morning and they are the best prescription goggles I have had. I could see really clearly and I didn't have to stop once to shake water out of them, no leakage at all. I am going to look after them and keep them in their bag as advised, hopefully prolonging their life. Jane Almond - 07/03/2016

I would like to say how excellent your product and, even more so, your customer service is. The goggles are fantastic - I can see the clock now!, and the speed with which you supplied a replacement strap was extraordinary. Many thanks for a splendid product. John MacLeary - 06/03/2016

Sadly I had left my prescription swimming goggles abroad on holiday and desperately needed a pair before my next swimming lesson. I ordered a pair of goggles on the Sunday night and received my prescription goggles on Tuesday morning, in good time before my lesson. I used the goggles on my practice swim and can say that I am very pleased with them. Excellent service and attention to customers. Highly recommended Sadia - 02/03/2016

Apologies, I should have contacted you sooner. Thank you so much for the speedy turn around of our order. The goggles have fitted our 10 year old perfectly and have already competed in 2 galas and many miles of training sessions. Thank you for the great service, we will be ordering from you again. Lisa Hamilton - 11/02/2016

That‘s great thanks. I bought three pairs at Christmas for myself and my daughters and they are great. Karen McDaid - 11/02/2016

I am just writing to let you know how pleased I am with my goggles. I was so impressed with the speed of response and care you demonstrated in answering questions and checking my order was just right. Delivery was also very quick and I was delighted when I tried them out today and enjoyed my swim, seeing things like the bottom of the pool and the clock for the first time! A great product at a very reasonable price. Thank you so much. Rita Burns - 09/02/2016

Just a quick message to say Thank you for the Excellent Product and service you provided. They were delivered The very next day after ordering. I used them today and can honestly say they are the best swimming goggles I have ever used. Perfect fit, no fogging at all. Gary - 08/02/2016

Just a quick message to say Thank you for the Excellent Product and service you provided. They were delivered The very next day after ordering. I used them today and can honestly say they are the best swimming goggles I have ever used. Perfect fit, no fogging at all. Thanks very much. Gary Coultart - 06/02/2016

Many thanks for the goggles - got to try them out tonight and they were perfect with no fiddling or fitting required. As you can tell from my prescription this was a real experience for me - seeing people, being able to time my lengths from the pool clocks, and even seeing the grout in the tiles at the bottom of the pool for the first time ever. Philip Newman - 05/02/2016

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the goggles, they arrived today. I am really pleased with them, they are perfect. Have yet to try them out, but part of my problem is getting from the changing room to the pool (my eyesight is really not good) and the vision is really great. Gail Ross - 27/01/2016

I just wanted to thank you for dispatching the goggles so quickly. What an excellent product. They are very well made and work perfectly in the water. I am amazed.Dan - 23/01/2016

I just wanted to thank you for such a great product, my son was delighted with his goggles when he opened them on Christmas day, he tried them on and was amazed at how good they are, he was quite emotional about being able to go swimming and be able to see. Over the last few years I have bought some from you for my daughter and some for my husband and they have been very pleased with them and are using them regularly, but my son wasn‘t convinced they would work for him as he needs a stronger prescription. I decided to give it a try and order some for him and I‘m so pleased I did, they are great and he is thrilled with them. Thanks again for providing such a great product at such a great price.Janet - 14/01/2016

Thank you thank you! These are just the best goggles I‘ve ever had and so reasonably priced! The vision is perfect and they are comfy and lightweight. I shall be recommending them to my friends. I swim 3 times on average weekly. Jill Randall - 26/10/2015

Ordered my goggles on Thursday evening, received them on Saturday morning. I was worried about the prescription lenses, but no need, I can see perfectly with them, and they are so comfortable and watertight. You have certainly converted me, I will be telling all my friends about you, thanks for a great service Davie White - 31/08/2015

I have now used these goggles in a pool and they are excellent and make swimming a lot easier Peter - 01/09/2015

Thank you. Great product and an absolutely fantastic service. Natasha - 23/08/2015

Thanks Glyn, I wish all companies were like yours. I‘ve recommended Goggleyed to so many people, I‘ve lost count. You deserve every success. Ingrid - 27/07/2015

Just to say we are incredibly pleased with the goggles and the service you provided. The kids took their goggles on holiday and it made their holiday as they could see in the pool for the first time! This was all due to the fact we received the goggles so quickly so a big thanks from all of us. I will definitely recommend your company to others. Rachel Wallace - 23/07/2015

My goggles have just arrived. I am so so happy. Thank you for the prompt response and delivery. Brilliant quality and brilliant customer service. Claire Morley - 16/07/2015

These goggles were a birthday present for my son in America. Just to let you know he is very pleased with them and your conversion from the American prescription. I myself am on my second pair from you and found them to be excellent .Not a drop of water gets in! Thanks for your help. Helen Milner - 13/07/2015

A thanks for the quick fix with the order and, as suggested I‘ll hold on to the old pair for spares. Wish this had been an eBay order so I could have left you some feedback. 5*'s a all round. I‘ll probably be back in touch this week as my daughter is already badgering me to get her a pair! Alan - 16/05/2015

I have been meaning for almost a year to send you this email to say thank you so very much for the wonderful swimming goggles you sent to me. A they were such an exponential improvement on my previous pair, in every possible way. Also, I wanted to let you know that I was completely bowled over by the speed and quality of service - I contacted you after the end of normal working hours on a Friday and I couldn‘t believe it when I received the goggles the very next working day! And the value for money was amazing, too - a real bargain compared to my previous pair and also to others on the market. I have sung your praises to other people ever since that day, but it is only now, 363 days later, that I have got round to conveying them to you. (And, by the way, I am still loving using my goggles, which are still as good as new.) Heather - 13/05/2015

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