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Buyers Beware! – Choose Your Goggles Supplier Carefully - 12/10/2016

In the 5 years that Goggleyed has been in business we have always attempted to provide a personal service that ensures our customers receive prescription swimming goggles that are suitable for them in terms of visual correction and that also makes us available to offer both advice and an after-sales service if needed.

In order to provide the sort of service that we would be happy with we were adamant from the outset that in most cases we would need to know a customer‘s prescription so that we could apply both spherical and cylindrical correction. Also we would have to source a product that we could assemble from component parts as the majority of customers would require a different lens power for each eye – and we did.

We have sold approaching 20,000 pairs of goggles to date with huge success but it is good practise for small businesses to monitor their competitors in the market place in order to keep up to date with current trends and to remain competitive in terms of price, product quality and level of service offered. Here at Goggleyed we do exactly that and through doing so we have come across many sellers of prescription swimming goggles who, in our view, are falling well short of the standards we expect to see. The vendors we are most concerned about sell their products mainly on online marketplaces such as ebay and the most worrying aspect is that they only supply goggles with the same lens powers for each eye.

We are not moaning about competition as we are confident that we can hold our own in the market place and from a customer‘s point of view healthy competition keeps standards up and prices down. No, we are concerned that many buyers who require a different lens power for each eye will not be aware of the existence of products that meet their requirements and they opt for goggles that are not wholly suitable for them – and we know from experience that most people requiring visual correction have a different prescription for each eye.

The purpose of this blog is simply to increase awareness of the availability of goggles with lenses of differing powers that suit individual requirements and highlight the existence of many products that do not. We appeal to past, present and potential customers reading this to pass on our advice to their family members, friends and fellow swimmers at the pool who are considering purchasing a pair of prescription swimming goggles.

As in all sporting or recreational activities having the appropriate equipment increases safety and gives peace of mind and enhanced pleasure in taking part.


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